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About Us - SafeNow | Safer • Greener • Cleaners

About Us

SafeNow cleaners are a unique line of proprietary non-scented, non-toxic, hypoallergenic and biodegradable formulas designed specifically to be human-safe and environmentally sound. SafeNow cleaning solutions carry the NSF seal for safe use in schools, restaurants, and food prep areas! Rigorous testing by InVitro International ensures that SafeNow cleaning solutions are safe to breathe, safe for contact with skin and eyes, and even ingestion, making them ideal for use around children, pets, and other vulnerable populations more prone to serious injury do to exposure or ingestion of toxic ingredients found in many household and commercial cleaning products.

In over 20 years of real world use, there is not one case of harm caused by SafeNow cleaners! SafeNow, the company, is part of a growing trend in social entrepreneurship with a mission to create jobs, vocational training, and funding for people with disabilities. SafeNow products are packaged by persons with disabilities receiving support from Trinity Services and other social service partnership groups. 

SafeNow – a Vision of Trinity Services Inc., a nonprofit, non-sectarian organization, founded in 1950 as the Trinity School in Joliet, Ill., by a group of parents of children with developmental disabilities. The agency operated a school and developmental training program until 1987. Since then, Trinity has grown to include a wide range of programs and services for children and adults with developmental disabilities and/or behavioral health needs. In addition to the school, Trinity Services now provides residential services, adult learning programs, a variety of vocational programs including supported employment, an autism center, respite services, in-home supports, a drop-in center, and various therapeutic services. Today, over 1,000 employees work together to provide services and supports at more than 80 sites.  

 “There is no more noble an occupation in the world than to assist another human being … to help someone succeed.” – Alan Loy McGinnis.

IAASE Conference

This was our first conference with the Illinois Alliance of Administrators of Special Education. This is a big group of people who work hard to bring special programs to our special needs friends. So they were very excited to hear about the SafeNow Packaging Partner Program because it fits right in to their need for […]

SafeNow at naq Kansas City

SafeNow at naq Kansas City

                    Here we are, Anne Ward and Bob Sandidge (me) in Kansas City at the conference for “Q’s” who support those with developmental disabilities. Reception for the new packaging and our ideas of offering bulk supplies to agencies, parent groups, and others to enable them to […]

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