Coleman Foundation Grants SafeNow $25,000

Our thanks go out to the Coleman Foundation for their generous grant of $25,000 to help us with the outreach of SafeNow. The funds are set aside to help us upgrade some things in our production area and for helping us with a number of marketing expenses. For the past year an a half we have been re-formatting a number of things in our production process in order to create an exportable version of our SafeNow business production and sales model. We have completed that phase and are on to the next phase which is reaching out to organizations who have the vision, resources, and commitment to start up a packaging and marketing operation in their organization. The benefits are many. Creating new job opportunities. Creating a new funding stream. Reducing cleaning materials costs. Community outreach with a value exchange. A great story that connects people to the work of serving people with disabilities. And those are just a few. We would be glad to fill you in on the whole story.  Just contact us for more.

Thank you Coleman Foundation. What you have granted we will invest wisely.