CQL Conference – Nashville

The Council on Quality and Leadership conference headed to music city this year where several hundred people came together to share, learn and plan how to keep raising the standards for those of us serving people with disabilities. Jim Gardner, retiring CEO, had the opportunity to give his farewells to everyone. Jim has been a tireless champion for people with disabilities and will be missed. He was instrumental in developing the Outcome Measures which have become the new standard for excellence in the field.

The Council on Quality and Leadership

How is it that Morely always gets to lounge around at these things?

Anne and I have been fortunate to work with the council over the years, facilitating a number of retreats and meetings for them as well as working on a number of audio and video projects. Always a pleasure to work with we are happy to have made even a small difference for them as they have made such a difference for so many.

Well this is another group that “still reads books” so while Anne was happy dancing, Morely and I were singing (he was singing) the praises of SafeNow to people from all over the country. Great reception and always good feedback. Truly, it is clear, we have products and programs no where else to be found. Being part of a quality conference is such a great fit for us because we are committed to quality and, ultimately, the safety of those who use and are around SafeNow products. Safe for People, Pets, and Planet our labels say. The US EPA agreed enough to bestow the coveted DfE (Design for the Environment) certification on them. We are all about the outcome of safety and creating job opportunities and creating income streams for service organizations. When can we talk?  BobS@BeSafeNow.com