DDNA Philly

DDNA-2013-Philly-webHere we are again on the road for Cherry Hill Books, High Tide Press and SafeNow cleaning products. Anne loves this conference. She sort of jokes about Nurses still reading real books. That is because we do have better book sales at nursing conferences and, really, nurses do read more books.  We love em’ .. and it was another great conference with nurses from all over the country showing up in Philly for a few days of work and a little play. Always outstanding keynotes and break outs. We really appreciate being included and feel very much a part of this community. Anne does her best to get the latest books for the event each year.

DDNA  2013 SafeNow - Trinity ServicesWe also told our SafeNow story to many there and are following a few home to talk with others about getting a SafeNow packaging partner program going for them at their facility.  The word is getting out on our SafeNow program. People are “getting it” .. the “it” being bottle your own cleaning products, employ people and create a new income stream for your organization. We’ve been talking to providers as well as special education programs in school systems. All use a lot of cleaning products. Money saved by schools buying from their own programs also fund the programs. And people are employed producing real products that are not only Safe and Green but really do the cleaning job needed.
SafeNow may not be a household name yet, but keep an eye on us. By setting up bottlers of cleaning products across the country we have national distribution, manufacturing, and brand awareness.  You can be part of the plan. Give us a call if you would like to know more. We’re very eager to help you with your success. – DDNA in case you don’t know is Developmental Disabilities Nurses Association.