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BeSafeNow gives customers peace of mind.
Safe for Babies, Pets, Parents, all People and the Planet.

Purchase SafeNow products in the Joliet – New Lenox, Il area at Trinity Service’s

Trinity Services Petals & Twigs Gift Shop
Petals & Twigs
427 W. Francis Rd.
New Lenox, IL 60461
815.485.5976 |

Trinity Outfitters (All Area Custom Designs)
2306 E. Washington St.
Joliet, Il 60432

SafeNow Factory Outlet – 9 to 4 weekdays
Stop in and see where SafeNow is packaged
1805 Ferro Rd.
New Lenox, IL 60451

For the Fundraiser SafeNow Fundraiser Affiliate Groups make money for their group
with every purchaase by customers referred to their unique URL. NO OBLIGATION INFORMATION

For the Reseller – Contact us to sell
SafeNow is a line of high-performance, chemically safe and biodegradable consumer cleaning products designed to make homes, restaurants, factories, schools and offices safer and cleaner places. SafeNow products are available for limited retail and online distribution.

If you serve environmentally conscious people who are concerned about safety for household members and the planet, then SafeNow green household cleaning products are for you. SafeNow was created to be safe so we use none of the harsh chemicals found in many traditional cleaners.  In fact, we are so safe you can drink SafeNow without harm. However, we recommend that you use it for cleaning as there are tastier things to be drinking.

SafeNow will cause no harm if accidentally swallowed or splashed on the skin or eyes. Perfect for use around babies, pets, and all the people who wear or sleep on washed fabric. Great for you when cleaning as there are no volatile fumes to inhale.

SafeNow is on a mission to create jobs and funds for persons with disabilities. All proceeds from the Sale of SafeNow products support people with disabilities. Our parent organization, Trinity Services, provides extensive residential, vocational and support services for about 1,500 persons with disabilities in Illinois and Nevada.

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