Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Conference

This is an exceptional conference featuring a strong line up of great presenters and attended by several hundred professionals and parents. FASD is one really preventable spectrum disorder than can be 100% prevented by the mother not drinking while the baby is developing. As long as there continues to be babies born with this disorder we are not doing enough to inform those at risk.

Again, we talked with parents and professionals who were aware of the chemical sensitivities that are a big part of this syndrome. It is fun when people educate us. We love it and learn so much from people who have been struggling with sensitivity issues for a long time. We appreciate them so much and, for them, we want to do all we can to help the next young mother understand what is at risk when alcohol and pregnancy mix. No good news in that at all.

We, once again, were please to be able to offer a good number of books on the topic and to tell the SafeNow story to a good number of those who didn’t know that there was such a terrific safe and green alternative.