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Why Do Fundraising With SafeNow?

  • No Entry Cost – Just Sign UP!
  • No Inventory
  • No Order Taking
  • No Fulfillment or Shipping
  • No Billing or other Paperwork


  • Perpetual Income on Everyday Consumables
  • Repeat Customers
  • Community Recognition & Goodwill
  • Growing Year-round Funding Stream
  • Human Safe and Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products


  • Promote your unique referral link, or URL (e.g. on your Web Site, Social Media, Newsletters, Biz Documents, Events, etc.
  • Get checks based on the amount of your referral purchases


  • Set up an Affiliate log in and dashboard at to monitor your sales/rebate info in real time.
  • After the first visit with your URL you get credit on future purchases even if they don’t use the URL.

Marketing Support:

  • Listing on our web site, literature and conference exhibits
  • SafeNow graphics and other marketing materials
  • Ideas and information for ways to publicize your referral URL
  • Special product offers tied into your events and programs.
  • Product samples for promotional use.

Transaction Support:

  • Handle all inventory and warehousing
  • Handle all sales transactions – all credit cards, PayPal & Amazon Checkout accepted
  • Fulfill and ship all orders with any of your organization’s branding – literature, bottle stickers, a message about how SafeNow benefits those you serve
  • Handle customer billing and questions
  • Mail you a check


SafeNow is unlike a lot of product Fundraisers because your organization can make real dollars, real fast, and grow that income month by month. For instance, once your referrals purchase 450 2-packs of Multi-Purpose, you get a check for $1,000, and that’s just at the first sales plateau. After pass your first $6,300 in sales, you step up to a higher percentage, and an even higher percentage after the next $6,300!

The more you sell, the more you make! No Limits. No Setup Fee or Hidden Charges.

                                         You Sell This – You Make This

  • Plateau 3 – 20% – $6300 = $1260
  • Plateau 2 – 18% – $6300 = $1134
  • Plateau 1 – 16% – $6300 = $1008

Total = $3402

Selling cases gets you to the next sales plateau even faster! It takes only 140 cases of Hand Soap to make your first $1,000.


  • SafeNow was developed 20 years ago for use in organizations serving vulnerable individuals. Formulated to be safe for humans, pets, and the planet
  • SafeNow is safe enough to drink, yet powerful enough to clean
  • SafeNow provides jobs and funding for people with disabilities. Plus funding for those you serve.
  • SafeNow in 20 years of use in group homes has not had a single instance of a person being harmed by its ingestion or use
  • SafeNow understands the challenges and importance of fundraising in today’s climate


No program is 100% perfect. There are challenges here too. SafeNow is certified by the EPA as a SaferChoice product requiring us to use only premium high quality ingredients, which also equates to our products being a bit more costly than the unknown chemicals found at the super market and dollar store. However, ounce for ounce, SafeNow is very competitive with mainstream cleaning products – priced somewhere in the middle. Unlike other brands on the market, SafeNow is the only cleaner that cleans while keeping you, and those around you safe, while directly benefiting the mission of your organization. Most supporters will find spending a few dollars more to get a premium product an easy way to support their favorite organization.


If you are raising money for a new wing, new band instruments, recreational fund, or whatever, becoming a SafeNow Affiliate is a no-hassle program for getting your project started.
Notice: SafeNow and BeSafeNow are not affiliated with any other fundraising organizations.
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