IAASE Conference

This was our first conference with the Illinois Alliance of Administrators of Special Education. This is a big group of people who work hard to bring special programs to our special needs friends. So they were very excited to hear about the SafeNow Packaging Partner Program because it fits right in to their need for meaningful transitional programs for the students moving from school to work. The SafeNow program is perfect for transitional programs of all types because it is a real business!  Students can learn everything from packaging to marketing, production process work flow, sales, and how a company works. This program can prepare people who are first time people in manufacturing to understand what is going on and how the parts work together to produce a product.

The program can be self-funded by “selling” the SafeNow products to the school. That keeps profit dollars in the system that are now going out to people who are not concerned about special needs programs. Those profit dollars can fund the transitional program and additional sales of SafeNow outside of the school produce an ongoing income flow for the school and the program. How many of us would buy our Safe, Green and Environmentally friendly cleaning products if we knew that we were helping to fund a special needs transitional program. That’s right, as I see the hands going up out there, we would! We talked with a lot of program administrators and they were very excited about the potential for their schools. The word we got from them is that there are not that many programs that are very “real world.”  They liked the whole business concept of SafeNow and the fact that people would be making real products of value.  They invited us to their next get together in February of 2013 in Springfield. Wouldn’t miss it for anything. Great people doing great work. We really are looking forward to being part of it.