Illinois DDNA Conference

We were so pleased to be able to participate at the national DDNA in Orlando a few months ago and then delighted again to be invited to be with the Illinois Developmental Disabled Nurses Association for their more intimate conference the first of November. Several hundred women and a man or two, me being one of them, traveled to Starved Rock State Park for the two day event.  Anne Ward and I travel together to these conferences as she handles the Cherry Hill Book & Media store while I focus on the SafeNow story.  Anne and I have been providing marketing, consulting, training services together since the early 90’s and still very much enjoy the opportunity to talk with so many great people in the field.

Cherry Hill Books and SafeNow

Here’s Anne at the Cherry Hill Book Store. Oh, that green guy is Morely Safer our SafeNow traveling companion. He sings too!

SafeNow is not new in the sense that it has not just “hatched.”  In fact, Trinity Services created the line of SafeNow products over 15 years ago to fill a real need for effective cleaning products that were safe for use with by and around people with disabilities. Since that time SafeNow has been used in great quantities in the Trinity homes and by a few other agencies and organizations in the Joliet – Chicago, IL area. For the past few months we’ve been putting together the Packaging Partner concept because we want to share the good with others across the country. At a time when everyone is facing cutbacks, it is time to come up with ways to reduce costs, create job opportunities, and make safe and environmentally friendly products that people can use and love knowing that they are supporting people with disabilities. All good – all the time. The DD nurses get that and left with information eager to go home and talk with Execs. and administrators about, at least, using SafeNow if not actually making it there. The weather was great and, of course, Starved Rock is always a terrific place for a conference. Rustic, friendly, informal, satisfying. Anne had a good time too. She gets so excited as she notes that, “Nurses still like to read real books!”  By the way, the Cherry Hill traveling book and media store also benefits Trinity Services and people with disabilities. So go to .. especially if you want a lot of books for training. You’ll also find books published by Trinity Services’ High Tide Press!