In the Mix (Master)

SafeNow Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

SafeNow Lab

SafeNow Lab
We thought you might like to visit the lab to see where things are tested. Here it is. In this room is a sample of every batch ever made of SafeNow products. Why would we do that?  Well other than the fact that our head mix master loves SafeNow he really likes to have a sample on hand should there ever be a problem. You know what? In over 10 years of blending SafeNow there never has been. That’s a great quality record. And one we are proud of. In fact, we are proud of our whole SafeNow team. Those in house and those who support us with all the parts and packages we need to get great products to you.



Rick - SafeNow's Master Mixer

Mix Master
Here’s Rick, a key player on the SafeNow team. He oversees the precise mixing of every batch of SafeNow product. He makes sure that only the highest quality natural ingredients are in the mix, per our formulator, Dr. Green, and then after a lot of care for every batch mixed, Rick fills 275 gallon totes which he trucks to the SafeNow bottling and packaging facility in New Lenox.

You might think that is a lot of laundry detergent. At Trinity Services alone the homes will use about 30,000 bottles of laundry in a year. So that gives you a little idea of what keeps us busy at our SafeNow packaging plant. And Trinity is just one of our customers.



SafeNow Cleaning Product Totes

SafeNow 275 Gallon Totes

BIG SafeNow “bottles”
Here’s what a bunch of totes look like. Big plastic containers built onto a pallet. When they arrive at our SafeNow plant in New Lenox a tote is hooked up to a dispensing system so that SafeNow workers can fill up individual bottles. Then apply labels and box for shipping or delivery.

By the time you get to use SafeNow products it has gone through many steps and quality checks along the way to make sure that we deliver on our promise of Safe, Green and Clean!  It is easy for us to say “it’s the best!” Because we follow it from formulation to your home .. we know it is!