Purpose Driven

Support Developmentally Disabled People

Trinity Services in New Lenox and Joliet, Il. provides residential, vocational and support services to 1,500 persons with disabilities in Illinois and Nevada. SafeNow cleaning products were designed by Trinity to keep residents of the homes and schools of Trinity Services, Inc. clean and safe.

This vulnerable population is more prone to accidental exposure to cleaning products so Trinity worked with a renowned chemist and toxicologist to develop formulas that are safe if ingested or splashed on skin or the eyes.

SafeNow is one of several social venture businesses created by Trinity Services, Inc., a nonprofit, non-sectarian organization, to support Trinity’s work. All profits from the sale of SafeNow products are invested in Trinity programs.

Mainstreaming People with Disabilities

These businesses offer an encouraging, nurturing environment so that persons with disabilities can learn about the world of work, acquire work skills and build their self-esteem. Few things are more significant to becoming part of the mainstream community than being able to hold a real job.

The people who package SafeNow products are persons with disabilities who are served by Trinity. They receive a paycheck for their work.

Trinity’s entrepreneurial businesses provide a significant contribution to the agency’s mission of ensuring that the people it serves live full and abundant lives.

When you buy SafeNow cleaning products you help yourself, the environment and many others.

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