SafeNow at Golf Outing







We rolled out the SafeNow hand soap in the new package at the 2012
Trinity Golf event.  Actually, I like to take the hand soap and put it
in the restrooms with little counter cards like this one letting
guests know about SafeNow and letting them know they could
be using this in their company. Not too subtle but, hey, it is fun
and another way to turn heads. I evaluate the success of this
activity by how much is left at the end of the day. Most are
nearly empty. Pretty good considering they are sitting next
to the built-in soap dispensers at the Country Club.

WJOL Radio spent the afternoon with us interviewing Trinity
People. Me, being one of them, was included on the roster.
That’s me at the top of the page. Here’s my interview if you have
a few minutes to see what we are up to.