SafeNow at Goodwill Huntley

SafeNow Cleaning Solutions - Goodwill Northern Illinois

SafeNow and Goodwill are partnering to make SafeNow products available to Goodwill customers. SafeNow staff helped the Goodwill staff with the installation of the multi-product display. The attractive display features an animated screen with the SafeNow Story and product story.

You can now purchase SafeNow Cleaning Solutions at the Goodwill store at 11900 Kreutzer Road, Huntley, IL 60142, 847.669.9338 – Monday thru. Friday 9 to 9 – Saturday 9am to 8pm and Sundays 10am to 7pm.SafeNow Cleaning Solutions - Goodwill of Northern Illinois






This is the first store in a marketing test to determine how best to merchandise SafeNow within the Goodwill retail format. This is one step in a roll-out of SafeNow products to Packaging Partners and specialty markets across the country.  The SafeNow goal is to create jobs and income streams for people with disabilities at non-profit and service agencies and organizations across the country.

If you haven’t visited your local Goodwill store lately, you are in for a treat! Goodwill stores are modern, bright, with first class goods at a great price. I visit the store often and always find something that looks great and priced right.  SafeNow, while not in the “discount” category, offers a terrific value because it is totally safe, non-toxic and green. Certified by the EPA (DfE Certification) and NSF to be both Safe and Green, SafeNow packs a punch so in many cases less is needed than conventional products. SafeNow Laundry in bulk and completely recyclable cubes will was over 80 loads in a conventional washer and even more in an HD washer! Profits benefit those with disabilities.  So use SafeNow knowing that you, your family and pets are safe and that your dollars are helping provide employment for people who really enjoy making SafeNow for you.