SafeNow at NAQ Conference

Chicago may be known for Blues and people come here to enjoy it but not to get the blues. Quite the SafeNow Green Cleaning NAQ Chicago 2012contrary, about 300 QMRP’s assembles for the 2012 Summer QMRP Conference to enjoy a couple of days of learning and sharing and having some fun on Navy Pier.  Anne Ward and I were there to do a couple of presentations and show off the latest developments in SafeNow.

Everyone cleans and everyone is concerned about the safety of those we care for. Put those two concerns together and can handle them both with SafeNow.  In fact, that is why it was created:  to provide safe solutions for cleaning that are easy to use and as effective as you expect a great cleaning agent to be.  So in between our presentations (and many others) Anne and I had the opportunity to talk about our Packaging Partner Program.  We’ve been working for a while to create a “turn key” set up so that other organizations can replicate our SafeNow production operation to create funding and jobs for people they serve. You’ll find more information elsewhere on this site.. but everyone loves the concept. In fact, so much that several organizations are in process