SafeNow at naq Kansas City











Here we are, Anne Ward and Bob Sandidge (me) in Kansas City at the conference for “Q’s” who support
those with developmental disabilities. Reception for the new packaging and our ideas of offering bulk
supplies to agencies, parent groups, and others to enable them to run their own SafeNow packaging
operation were well received. In fact, people were jumping up and down excited! That meant that we had to come back to the SafeNow plant in New Lenox and figure out how to make a turn key packaging operation a no-hassle and easy way to get going.

Here are some of the preliminary packaging and labeling ideas presented at the Q conference:















This was also the first time our “Little Hands” packaging was reviewed. The smaller 4oz. spray bottles make SafeNow products easier to use for those with small hands – children – elderly – weak – and others. Yes, children. As SafeNow is really safe the young ones can help you clean without concern of their being harmed by chemicals.

Anne and I also had the opportunity to present a couple of sessions on communication and working with tough behaviors.  Pretty HOT conference and very successful from our standpoint.  Looking forward to 2012 in Chicago!