SafeNow – Great Job on NSF Desk Audit

Here, Safenow- Desk Audit Results are the results of our recent Desk Audit by NSF and DfE.

This is a review that we do every year or so to maintain our NSF and DfE
(Design for the Environment) certifications. While it is a bit of work to
round up the required information, the exercise helps us take a closer
look at our processes and how to make continuous ongoing process
and product improvement a part of our thinking process vs. just
something we do.

We are happy to report that we really didn’t get dinged on anything.
I got a bit loose with a couple of descriptions on a label but no demerits
for that.  Sometimes it is hard to control my enthusiasm. Also, I’m learning
some of the rather complicated labeling rules imposed by FDA and others.

When we went through the EPA Design for the environment certification process
one of the requirements is that we not only produce our products to a high
standard but that we also commit, in writing, to work for more sustainable
packaging and manufacturing processes. That requirement had us asking
several of our suppliers questions they had not been asked about the
sustainable practices of their company and products. Interestingly enough,
each was doing some things in alignment with good sustainability practices
that they had not thought about in that way. They were doing what worked
best for them and it turned out to be sustainable.  We reported these things
back to NSF – DfE.  So the Desk Audit has a sort of ripple effect rippling
throughout our SafeNow organization to customers, suppliers and all of
those we touch.

There is no doubt that we have a long way to go in improving our
products, packaging, and processes. Our commitment to you and
all other users of SafeNow is to not only bring you the safest,
most effective cleaning products possible but to make them in
using the safest, most sustainable practices. Sure, it is a lot of work,
but when the commitment is strong, the work is easy.

Thanks for your ongoing support of SafeNow and our thanks and
Kudos to the hard working SafeNow team without whom none of
this would be possible.

Our good Desk Review report gives you additional bragging rights!

In Peace.. Bob