You Can Be SafeNow!

SafeNow manufactures and markets a line of household cleaning products, created for safety and designed to work. These green formulated biodegradable products contain no toxic chemicals, phosphates, enzymes, dyes, fragrances or animal products, making them safe for  children, pets, marine life, and the environment. SafeNow products have been certified safe by NSF International and the American Environmental Health Foundation.

People who share our  concerned for the health and safety of their families,  pets and environment can buy:

All-Purpose Cleaner – for counter tops, sinks, finished wood, appliances, porcelain, stove tops, tile,
metal fixtures, tables, cabinets and plastic (32-ounce spray bottle)
Bathroom Cleaner – safely clean sinks, shower walls, toilet bowls, tubs, tile, stainless steel and ceramic
(32-ounce spray bottle)
Dish Detergent – works great for all types of dishes, crystal, and tableware (32-ounce with measured pump dispenser)
Floor Cleaner – baby safe cleaning for hardwood, vinyl, linoleum and even marble floors (32-ounce bottle
with pump dispenser)
Laundry Detergent – safe and effective for all types of linens and clothing (96-ounce with pour-back lid also
5liter dispenser cubes)
Liquid Hand Soap – safe and gentle feel good hand cleaner (8-ounce sink top pump dispenser bottle)
Window Cleaner – for sparkling glass, mirrors, windows, stainless steel and computer screens (32-ounce spray bottle)
Tough Stain Remover – use for laundry to remove biological stains from clothing and bedding. Removes carpet
and pet stains. Clean Car Interiors. (32-ounce spray bottle). (submitted to NSF Nonfood Compounds Registration Program)

SafeNow cleaning products are in use in high school districts, agencies serving persons with mental illness and developmental disabilities, adult/juvenile detention centers, day care centers, restaurants, college campuses and churches, manufacturing plants, janitorial services, offices, and many homes.

SafeNow®, Inc., is a social enterprise business owned and operated by Trinity Services Inc., a public benefit, nonprofit whose mission is helping people with disabilities live full and abundant lives.

SafeNow non-toxic natural ingredients are blended by a professional blender to our exacting specifications. Bottling, packaging and shipping of SafeNow products at our Trinity production facility provides job opportunities for people with developmental disabilities while generating additional financial support for those served by Trinity Services. SafeNow products were created to be safe enough to drink but with no compromise cleaning power.

SafeNow products bring a whole new level of security and safety to the living and care environments for young children, individuals with significant cognitive impairments, vulnerable older adults, and other high-risk populations.

SafeNow, Inc.-
1805 Ferro Rd.
New Lenox, IL 60451
Phone: 800.235.6009

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