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by L.A. Nicholas, Ph.D. – Published by Trinity Services High Tide Press

What is Diatomaceous Earth?  Why do you want to know? Because it will help you do so many things. Not only is SafeEarth DE a natural choice for Bed Bugs, Spiders, Cockroaches, Silverfish, Earwigs, Carpenter Ants, Beetles, Slugs, Fleas (people & pet safe), and other creepy crawly critters, DE is also useful for many household and garden uses.  Use it to: Clean & Polish Silver & Copper, Dry Leaves and Flowers, Add a little to SafeNow for a no-scratch Soft Scrub, Use it to clean up oil spills in the kitchen and garage, use it to deodorize shoes, kitty litter, the refrigerator, vacuum and trash bags.  And there are many many other uses. Dr. Nicholas book will pull you into the world of DE.  Let yourself go!

I’ve read a lot about DE and found this book a perfect way to introduce friends and others to DE. It is easy and quick to read and has a very comprehensive list of the many uses for DE. This book doesn’t go into a lot of specifics of applications but there is plenty of that to be found when you are ready to go. I’ve given a lot of these away. LiPeople are loving it. Enjoy the book and your new world with DE! In Peace.. Bob

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