Safe Bio-Stain Blaster (32oz)


Product Description

Single 32oz. bottle of Bio-Stain remover

Human safe, non-scented, non-toxic, hypoallergenic

You know sometimes you just have a mess to clean up. Our proprietary human safe, non-scented, non-toxic, hypoallergenic stain-remover formula is safe to use around anyone, and with no harsh chemicals added, SafeNow is safe for skin and eyes, safe to breathe, biodegradable, and non-corrosive. Stuff gets where it doesn’t usually on clothes, on linens, on mitts, on napkins. Maybe a bloody nose or an accident in the bed. Hey, the world is full of biological stains just waiting to splash where you least want them.

That’s why we developed SafeNow Laundry Stain Treatment. Ok, this SafeNow product is not as drinkable as the others so don’t leave it out where wandering hands can get it. It is still not toxic like most other products on the market but we decided to add just a couple of ingredients to make quick work of those big bad biological stains.

Spray on tough stains before you put them in the washer. Letting them sit for a few minutes is not a bad idea. Then, if you have a lot of stains that are pretty goopy, we suggest putting in a couple of small caps of stain treatment in the wash water as well for a double blast of cleaning power.

Yes.. you can use, and we recommend it, SafeNow on pet stains, carpets, drapes, towels, car fabrics, wherever you find a bio stain that needs to be gone!

NOTE: Please store away from eager hands. Stain Remover is not 100% as safe as our other SafeNow Products so use caution in storage and use.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 8.75 × 4.5 × 9.75 in
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