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SafeNow Production

SafeNow Packaging

SafeNow Packaging
Here’s where those 275 gallon totes end up. See them up on the big shelf? The big hoses bring the SafeNow product down to specially designed filling work stations where SafeNow employees fill each bottle with just the right amount of your favorite cleaning products.

Next labels are applied by another SafeNow worker then the finished bottle is handed for final check and boxing for shipment or delivery. We have 8 lines at SafeNow so we can package all of our products at the same time if needed. And sometimes they are!

The clean and temperature controlled area keeps workers and product at the right temperature to maintain performance and quality.

SafeNow Liquid Hand Soap being Labeled

SafeNow Hand Label applied

Labels Hand Applied
That’s right, every label is hand applied by our trained and skilled SafeNow workers. Right now people with disabilities but we are looking forward to creating more jobs for others in the broader community.

Everyone needs work and everyone needs great cleaning products. We are working to bring those needs together to create jobs across the country and bring SafeNow to your community.  If you want to help let us know. We would love to talk with you.  800.235.6009



Kevin Krauss SafeNow Production Mgr.

Kevin Krauss SafeNow Production Mgr.

Here’s Kevin!

Kevin is the man who keeps SafeNow productive. He the trainer, supervisor, organizer, cheerleader, coach, and all around best leadership person we could hope to have heading the SafeNow production operation.

He’s the guy you’ll likely talk with when you need to make special shipping arrangements (we do that all of the time) or when you need to place an emergency order. You can reach him at 800.235.6009 or on our contact form.

In fact, you can reach any of the SafeNow crew on the contact form.

Well, that’s a very short tour. I’ll get out the camera soon and show you more but, at least for now, you have a little window into the workings of SafeNowWe appreciate your interest and support.