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While Governors all over the country are announcing budget cuts…


Now you can bottle SafeNow at your agency/facility and package safe and green cleaning products for your supporters, community, and businesses in your market area. SafeNow are proven products. In use for 10 years with people for whom safety is a daily concern, SafeNow has proven to be not only safe but they work. Safety and effectiveness have been verified and certified by The US Environmental Protection Agency and NSF International!

Immediate Savings for the products you use in your own homes/facilities plus an ongoing income stream to help you fund other programs and services for your organization or agency.  Create jobs and income. Both are much needed in today’s economy.  With so much attention moving toward protecting the environment and our people, SafeNow is the safe AND green product line that will find ready acceptance by green and sustainability minded people in your market area.

We’ve done the work of creating products, certifying, and providing all of the materials you need to package and sell SafeNow to your loyal supporters. Let us tell you more. Call Bob Sandidge 815.219.0424 or email for full information.

SafeNow has a packaging program for your organization that will create both jobs for clients and a new funding stream for your future. The market is huge and growing as people everywhere are understanding the importance of safe and green products to protect our families, homes, and the environment. Certified safe by both The Environmental Protection Agency and NSF International, SafeNow is safe for your workers, clients and those with allergies and chemical sensitivities.  Call or email today to learn how SafeNow can help ease your budget cut challenges.
Bob Sandidge – Direct – 815.219.0424 –
SafeNow cleaning products are safe and green!

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